Risotto: Achieved 

Some mornings are normal, and some mornings you wake up and your cat is sleeping in your closet:He’s such a weirdo….

Anyway, each Sunday I make a menu for the upcoming week. This helps me to make my grocery list, as well as plan for the week ahead. I always ask Hubster for his input, and this past week, he said he wanted me to try and make risotto. Cue quizzical, panicked look from me. I’ve watched enough cooking shows to know that risotto is both tricky and time consuming, so naturally I was a little apprehensive. Thankfully, Pinterest to the rescue and I found an easy recipe for shrimp and asparagus risotto (link at the bottom). While still time consuming, it seemed relatively doable.

This was definitely a mise en place type of meal. I knew once I got cooking, there would be no room for error or running back and forth to the fridge to get things, so I made sure “everything was in its place” before I got started:Even though I knew I had shrimp in the freezer, I stopped by a local seafood market to pick some up; a meal this shwanky deserves fresh shrimp. They even peeled and deveined them for me! I managed to find some decent asparagus for this time of year in PA, and set that, the shrimp, shallots, white wine, and rice out and ready. The chicken broth was already warmed on the stove at this point.

The recipe started with sauteeing the shallots in butter until translucent (onions are fine if you don’t have shallots), then adding the rice to toast slightly. A little wine for flavor and it was time for chicken broth. One ladle at a time, stirring constantly until mostly absorbed, then another and another. After about two ladles, I added the asparagus (a step I will move to later if I make this again, as the asparagus got a bit overcooked):After two and a half cups of chicken broth and about a half hour of constant stirring, the risotto finally came together. The shrimp was added when there were about two or three ladles left, which cooked it perfectly.The rice was just tender, the shrimp was cooked perfectly, and although the asparagus was a bit overcooked, it still added good texture. Finished with some parmesan cheese for a salty bite and some fresh ground black pepper, this was quite a success. I guess I aced this test of my culinary prowess, since both of our bowls were empty. Plus, this was a recipe for two that actually made exactly two portions. Level up on that one!

Recipe for Simple Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto


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