It’s a Trapp

There aren’t too many other things that exemplify pure joy than children playing in the snow. After a full day of lessons, exam reviews, and chocolate covered frozen bananas (birthday treats again!), my middle schoolers donned their boots and snow pants and galloped out into the winter wonderland.

When I realized that Monday is February, I ended up staying at school until 4:00 to finish my February bulletin board, but I was OK with it because I knew I didn’t have to cook tonight. We headed to The Trapp Door, a local gastropub, which is one of our favorite places to eat out.The place has a really relaxed atmosphere, candlelight, and an enormous craft beer list; we’re talking HUNDREDS of imported and domestic bottles and at least 10 rotating tap and cask beers. I decided to start with the Nugget Nectar from Troeg’s Brewery in Hershey, PA, while Hubster chose a Colorado brewed cherry stout.

Trapp Door’s menu is seasonal and they are constantly changing their offerings, so it pays to go during a few different times of the year. They always offer a variety of meats and cheeses, which you can combine into your own plate. They offer a house-smoked trout which is delicious, but tonight we opted for Maytag Blue cheese and Jamon Serrano ham, which came with crostinis, a cherry/tomato jam, and house-made mustard.

Usually when we eat here, we order a bunch of small plates to share, but we were far too enticed by the sandwich menu tonight. I went with the Trapp Madame, their take on a croque madame, which was filled with chicken confit, trumpet mushrooms, onions, and topped with a runny fried egg.

Hubster was smitten with the pork pastrami sandwich, which he stated was “the best thing created by man” and “rivaled the Sistine Chapel in greatness.” Between two sides of a homemade bun lay pork rubbed with pastrami seasoning, elephant garlic relish, and crispy guanciale, which is basically bacon made from the face of the pig (who cares, it’s bacon, right?).

Both came with crispy fries and house-made ketchup, which, with a hint of rosemary, is absolutely awesome. I’m pretty sure I’d eat just about anything with that ketchup on it. After another beer each (brown and pale ales), we headed out, bellies full and satisfied, though we did miss the live music.

The Trapp Door is a must-try for anyone looking for a chill atmosphere, delicious food, and great craft beer. Happy eating!


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